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Training Events

We always have training sessions available on a consistent basis that will cover different topics. We encourage you and your staff to take part in all the different sessions we offer. Below are details on the sessions we currently are holding. Again, we really encourage you and your staff to attend these sessions:

CarriageOne Website Security

This forty-five minute session is designed specifically for the Managing Partner and the implementation of security procedures for their CarriageOne website. Managing Partners will learn how to create and remove login access and how logins and changes to the website are tracked by each login. Discover how to use “permissions” to limit which users have access to particular areas of the website One Backend System. Learn how to retrieve and change lost or forgotten passwords. Find out how notifications of form submissions work in order to better manage follow-up. These topics and more will help the Managing Partner head off potential problems before they occur.

Website Administration

During this sixty minute segment you'll acquire the skills needed to administer key elements of the CarriageOne website. You'll learn how to update location photos, employee profiles and employee photos, add events and event images. Learn how to build a webpage of local business references called "Helpful Links" and create your very own merchandise section with multiple photos and detailed descriptions. This session is a must for anyone administering a CarriageOne website (Please Note: Website security privileges are required to administer these functions).

Administering Memorial Websites

During this sixty minute session, we’ll show you key aspects you’ll “need to know” in order to administer Memorial Websites 2.0. We’ll discuss how Facebook users can connect Memorial Websites and give their friends a direct link back to the Memorial Website and how to leveraging resources such as their Hotmail and AOL email contacts to share the Memorial Website. You’ll learn how to perform functions such as editing condolences and photos posted to the Tribute Wall, how to post a Tribute Video to the Memorial Website and how to register a family administer whom can assist with the approval of condolences.

Life Tributes Personalized Printing

In this 45 minute segment discover the advantages of using Life Tributes to create personalized stationary. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions showing you how any user can create customize print pieces in just a few minutes with all new features such as drag and drop functionality. This is a session you won’t want to miss.

Tribute Video Value & Best Practices

This one hour session will discuss the value of a tribute video on several different levels.  We’ll also share with you the most effective way to present the tribute video option to your client families and provide suggestions on how to overcome some common challenges.

How to Create a Tribute Video

This one hour session will show you the step-by-step process of creating a tribute video, including how to upload that video onto your CarriageOne website.



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